Justin Donald Leader

Benefits Professional
  • Let’s Invent Tomorrow

    May 04, 2016

by Justin Leader


“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.” ― Steve Jobs

The immortal words of Steve Jobs.  So much can be said about the legacy that he left as well as the information age in which we currently live.  In the 8+ years I have been working in employee benefits/healthcare I have seen an overwhelming influx of new technology.  Most people forget that it was only June of 2007 when the first Apple iPhone was released.

I personally never imagined I would own an iPhone 6S Plus, but I do.  Why do I own a phone that is almost larger than my hand?  That is because my life consists of  the creation of content, recording live video, setting appointments, answering emails, making phone calls and the continuous gathering of information as well as the redistribution of that information across multiple social channels.  This is done all at the touch of a button. The common denominator in all of this is that technology is here to stay.  However, the technology of today, will not be the technology of tomorrow.  Technology is growing at an exponential rate.

The great news is that the right technology can make our lives so much easier!  Think of the days of old when benefits open enrollment was done by pen and paper (Sorry if you are still doing this).  I know so many who have “seen the light” and experienced the total liberation that useful tech can deliver.  I have also found that there are two primary challenges facing most individuals who are tasked with assessing technology to implement, especially those of us in healthcare and employee benefits.  The first being what technology do I need?  The second challenge being what platform do we use once our needs are established?  It seems to me that most are drinking from a perpetual fire hose of information.

The answer is quite simple for both.  Find a trusted partner or consultant.  Not just any partner, but a specialist in this area. They will turn the fire hose into a garden hose.  Survey the landscape of available technology with this person/persons who can be your guide, navigating you to the technology that is current, a perfect fit for your unique needs and the right price.  While there is no app for this…yet, these experts are out there.  Lastly, pay attention to the providers themselves by attending their seminars and conferences.  Doing the above will give you the edge you need to make an informed and educated technology decision thus inventing a better tomorrow for you and your organization.

– If you would like a copy of our short list of approved platforms, tech consultant partners and how to afford the price tag, feel free to contact me. – Justin

Justin Leader is Vice President of Business Development with Benefit Design Specialists, Inc.  BDS is committed to a two-fold goal; delivering quality, cost-effective employee benefit plans coupled with hassle-free benefits management for our client’s HR departments.  Transparent Health, By BDS is a solution that drives down Healthcare costs while giving complete investment transparency.