Justin Donald Leader

Benefits Professional
  • Innovation Is King.

    Mar 21, 2016

by Justin Leader


“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  This has to be the most asinine statement I have ever heard. This to me states that there is no need for change. Perhaps not for the time being but eventually, much like a car tire or engine, something is going to give.  I do not believe there is any perfect scenario in this world.  Change is inevitable in every industry and change occurs almost on a weekly basis in mine.  This quote, this statement reeks of laziness. My question is that if you’re content with being status quo then where is your ambition?  Are you going to be OK when you are called to the table and asked why others are delivering information vital to the success of your organization when it is your duty and fiduciary responsibility to be bringing innovation and creativity into the workplace every day?  My thought is if it isn’t broken, how can we still improve and perhaps make it better?

Right now in healthcare, prescription medicine, and insurance there is a line being drawn that is larger than the San Andreas Fault.  On one side of said line are the disruptors, the rebels and those who plan on changing the dynamic of healthcare not only in the US but beyond our borders. On the other side of the fence are those who are stuck in the rut of simplistic thinking that will only allow for the continuation of trillions in wasted spend as well as the destruction of a large portion of the population’s overall health. That is both their financial as well as physical health. I see far too many people OK with that. On the other hand I see a lot of people that talk a great game but don’t put action behind it!  My team and I lean more towards the rebellious side, utilizing innovation to drive change.

Let’s face it change is not easy. Anyone that tells you that change, even a small one is simple is probably full of crap.  It takes work, it takes trust and there is always risk involved, however, without risk there is no reward.  While it’s our job to breed creativity it’s also our duty to mitigate that risk as responsibly as we can.  However, paralysis by analysis is something that can quickly happen in any organization.  Just be cognizant of that.  I see far too many employers falling victim to that.

Most of us that are reading this article work in a white-collar industry. The people we represent though come from all backgrounds both blue and white. The one thing I’ll say about our industry is that if you are white-collar you better be approaching your job with a blue-collar mentality on a daily basis. Strap on your work boots, get your team together and start collaborating to bring Innovation to the table. If you do not do this you will lose year after year and more quickly as we approach 2020.

High quality and responsible innovation does not come easy for many of the organizations we bump into, in the form of competition.  I would look at your own organization as well as the people you are working with to ensure they are delivering just that combined with a fiduciary responsibility that emanates from their being.  Develop a network of high caliber individuals that you would bring home to “Mother” or in this case your organization.  It is my belief that if innovation is king, transparency is its queen and that is the future of our kingdom.

Justin Leader is Vice President of Business Development with Benefit Design Specialists, Inc.  BDS is committed to a two-fold goal; delivering quality, cost-effective employee benefit plans coupled with hassle-free benefits management for our client’s HR departments.  Transparent Health, By BDS is a solution that drives down Healthcare costs while giving complete investment transparency.