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  • If You Were Waiting for a Sign, This Is It.

    Nov 16, 2015

by Justin Leader


I believe more often than not people ask of themselves and those around them, “What can I do to be more successful?”  Generally speaking we all have things that we can and/or could do to increase our chances of success.  The underlying principal that each and every successful person must abide by is that action is the Holy Grail of success and inaction is a sure fire way to fail and live in stagnation.

A few times a year I post to my social media accounts the following message: “If you are waiting for a sign, here it is.”  Often I receive a private response, sometimes two from people saying, “I was waiting on a sign, thank you for that”.  This tells me a few things.  First that most people are waiting for a divine intervention of sorts, secondly, most people are simply not taking action in their lives.  I am not discounting that patience is a virtue, however you can spend a lifetime hoping for a better situation and I will tell you that the person taking action, even if they are failing at the time, are going to get to their goal a hell of a lot sooner than if they did nothing.

The last thing that I will mention is that we all encounter times in our life, where we feel that we have nothing left to give.  We are all human. We may feel that we have given our all and perhaps our internal “will to win” is waning.  It is in these moments that we must inhale deeply and reengage in battle.  Defeat can not be an option.  The internal battle could be personal or professional.  It could be pertaining to your health and losing a few pounds or taking a leap into the next phase of your career.  Regardless of the fight you are facing consider this your call to action, consider this your sign!  “Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

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